How to Start Streaming


What game to pick?

You’ve decided to start streaming, got all the required gear together, made your Twitch-channel look awesome and obtained some sweet stream overlays. Which game should you pick to stream tho?

TwitchTV vs YouTube Gaming

You are thinking about starting to stream but don’t know which platform to pick! Both TwitchTV and YouTube Gaming offer a great place to start out on. But which is the best out of these two?

Which hardware do I require for streaming?

Setting up a great quality stream does require you get some decent hardware and this is where it starts to cost you some money as well

Four tips before you start streaming

Starting up your own stream is simply not for everyone. There are a lot of things to take into account and it does in fact require a lot of time to get things rolling.

Just do it!

Just start streaming! Turn on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and stream your gameplay. Anyone can do it!

How to Start Streaming

Welcome to How to Start Streaming! On this blog you will find all kinds of tips, tricks and information on streaming your gaming experience to the masses.
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