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Welcome to How to Start Streaming! On this blog you will find all kinds of tips, tricks and information on streaming your gaming experience to the masses. Are you a starting streamer? This is the place with all the needed information! For regular streamers this blog will also have interesting articles.

So I started streaming for a Dutch-website (N1ntendo) a while back and it took me a while to get it up and running. During my research on information on how to start streaming I found out that there is not a single website with all things I wanted to know. With this blog I’m hoping to offer a place/community with the needed information for new streamers. The articles you will find on How to Start Streaming include tips, tricks and will be on subjects related to gamestreaming ranging from basics to more advance topics. In the coming months you will find more on the basics for a start tho.

Articles on How to Start Streaming

You will find all kinds of articles on this blog. Most will be directly related to streaming while some others will be about marketing yourself and other things you should think about when streaming. If you really want to start streaming there is more to it than just starting but at the same time just doing it might actually be what you should be doing. Building your audience and getting more frequent viewers however will require you to invest more and more time. Information on how to setup a stream of good quality is needed and that is what How to Start Streaming will offer you.

Your Streaming Needs

How to Start Streaming is a service brought to you by Your Streaming Needs. At Your Streaming Needs we want to put our customers in the spotlight. The same goes for How to Start Streaming! Are you an experienced streamer or do you have an interesting story to tell and would you like to help out starting streamers? How to Star Streaming offers a place to share your experience and story. Be sure to send me a message if you would like to write an article and we will talk about the possibilities. You can find my e-mail below.

Comments and questions for How to Start Streaming

Questions on the content of this blog and tips for new articles are always welcome. I’ll do my best to answer any questions I receive adequate and quickly. Questions can be send to or can be asked in the comment section below

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