What game to pick?

You’ve decided to start streaming, got all the required gear together, made your Twitch-channel look awesome and obtained some sweet stream overlays. Which game should you pick to stream tho?

It is really simple to be honest. Pick a game you enjoy playing a lot! It’s advised to focus on a single game to build an audience so you will be putting many hours into it. Switching between two or three is also possible but it will take longer to build an audience because chances are a member of your audience dislikes the other games you play.

Is skill level important?

In a way it really is. Nobody likes watching someone who is really bad at a game unless you can build your persona around this. Being a professional at a game will make it easier for you to build an audience since people can up their game by watching you play. Being mediocre at a game however doesn’t have to mean you can’t build an audience. If you are able to interact with your viewers, perhaps educate them about the game, or if you are funny in any way it is very possible to make your channel grow. Most streamers aren’t “pro’s” but have something else to complement their decent skill level. 


What games are currently hot?

Some games that are always hot on Twitch and have been around for years and some come and go. League of Legends, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch have been around for some time and are here to stay. Games that are watched a lot in general as well are Minecraft, Runescape and Heroes of the Storm. The most recent successful addition to the “hot” games on Twitch is PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. If you really enjoy playing any of the games above and you are really good at it then these are a great pick to start out on. There is also something you could call the flavor of the month. Each month new games come out and some of them are really popular on Twitch for a few months. These games can help you build an audience as well should you decide to pick them up. Just know that you will have to switch games when the hype dies out on these games.

What about niche games?

It can be really hard to enter the streaming scene by picking one of the most popular games. While most viewers are available for those games, the viewers are also able to choose from the biggest pool of streamers. It is highly advised to be really good at one of the games named above. For games like Overwatch and League of Legends just being really awesome with a single champion would really help and make you a great watch. Another approach would be to pick and play a niche game. You can find almost every game on Twitch. This includes really old games and games that aren’t very well known. Are you a fan of speedrunning for example? You can find a whole community on this at www.speedrunslive.com and there is always people playing the golden oldies here on Twitch with a lot of viewers. The most important thing however is still that you should always pick a game that you really like to play. Anything goes, just known that certain games do have larger audiences available.

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