PKMN Rivals Overlay Package Sneak-Preview

Saturday, 9 Dec 2017 by Patrick Koonings

A Sneak-Preview of our upcoming PKMN Rivals Package!

Today we give you a sneak-preview of something rather special. We've had the idea of creating a package for Pokémon GO since it came out before summer last year but until now we didn't create a package with stream overlays that fit Mobile-games. The release of fifty new Hoenn Pokémon feels like the perfect moment to launch our first stream overlay package that includes overlays for Mobile-games.

The sneak-preview below will give you and idea of what our PKMN Rivals package will look like. It comes in three different styles as you might have guessed!

A Sneak-Preview of our Pokémon Rivals stream overlay Package

The PKMN Rivals stream overlay Package will become available somewhere next week. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more information on when the PKMN Rivals Package goes live.

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