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Friday, 28 Apr 2017 by Patrick Koonings

At Your Streaming Needs we think our clients, meaning you, are most important for our success. After purchasing a full stream overlay package we will promote you on our homepage!

The long term goal of Your Streaming Needs is to become a community for all your streaming needs. As a thank you for ordering a stream overlay package we would like to return something. We will promote your Twitch-stream to all of our customers. A full list of streams we are currently promoting can be found here. Eligible streams on this page will randomly appear on our homepage as well.

After you create a Your Streaming Needs-account it is possible to link it to your Twitch-account. By doing so your account will become eligible for promotion on our homepage after purchasing a full stream overlay package from our shop. After doing so your stream will be promoted for a set amount of time. Currently this time is set to indefinitely due to us just starting out. You can find more information on our Twitch-promotion by reading our FAQ.

We have only started Your Streaming Needs last week so currently the Our Clients-page is kind of empty! Help us out by filling the page by making a purchase. We are looking forward to seeing your Twitch-stream on the Our Clients-page!

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