The Doodle Package

Sunday, 30 Apr 2017 by Patrick Koonings

The first full stream overlay package we would like to showcase is the Doodle Package!

The Doodle package will give your stream a fun look and feel. The cute doodle's are bound to be liked by many of your viewers. Draw attention to your stream with our Doodle package! This package is currently available in three different styles being cardboard, which is showcased in the video, chalk and paper.

This package was one of the first we created and it’s special as well. The Doodle Package has eight adjustable panels compared to one in all the other packages we currently have available. You can find many different doodles on the panels.

Check out the video and pictures below and be sure to visit the Doodle Package-page if you are interested. The Doodle Panels, Screens and Overlays are also available for purchase on their own.

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