How to customize the Your Streaming Needs-visuals?

Monday, 1 May 2017 by Patrick Koonings

All of our stream overlays are adjustable by yourself and it is really easy!

 For adjusting our stream overlays you can use GIMP. GIMP is a free and opensource alternative for Photoshop. This means anyone can download and use it whereas Photoshop requires an expensive investment. To make sure all our customers can edit their own purchases we picked GIMP. You can download GIMP by following this link. This way we have ensured that anyone purchasing one of our visuals is able to add their own name to it while keeping the quality of our visuals high.

 GIMP is really easy to use, so adding your own name to the visuals can be done in a couple of minutes. We have created a tutorial video on how to customize the .XCF-files in GIMP. You can check it out below.

Besides GIMP we have also added tutorial video’s on how to use our visuals in OBS and XSplit after adjusting them. Some other tutorials can be found on our Support-page as well. Be sure to check them all out as it is really easy to make it work yourself!

We are planning on adding an extra service to our full stream overlay packages if you don’t want to adjust our visuals yourself. As soon as this service becomes available we will let you know through our homepage and Social Media-channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

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