The Space Neon stream overlay package

Sunday, 4 Jun 2017 by Patrick Koonings

The Space Neon stream overlay package will give your stream a futuristic look! The neon colours will light up your stream with style. 

Today we turn the spotlight to our Space Neon package. It is currently available in many different styles:

  • Electric Blue
  • Blood Red
  • Caution Yellow
  • Deep Purple
  • Magic Pink
  • Night Blue
  • Solar Flare Orange
  • Toxic Green

Light up the dark side of the moon with the Space Neon package! We hope what you see and we look forward to seeing your stream rocking this awesome stream overlay package.

Check out the video and pictures below and be sure to visit the Space Neon Package-page if you are interested. The Space Neon PanelsScreens and Overlays are also available for purchase on their own.


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