It's been a while!

Sunday, 18 Mar 2018 by Patrick Koonings

New content is coming up shortly again!

It's been a bumpy road these last few months. I have been moving house which resulted in hardly any time to upload new content. Behind the scenes Luc has working on some new packages, we have had a few Your Streaming Brand-orders and Harm is working on getting our website to work better based on all the feedback you have given us. Also "Our Cliënts"-page has been filling up rapidly and we are please so many of you are making this worth our while! We would like to thank all our customers for this!

So, what can you expect from us over the coming months?

  • Video's added to our D-Day, Odyssey, Testing Freemium and PKMN stream overlay packages
  • The release of our Star Wars-package "The Trooper"
  • A cool new Nintendo-like stream package! For a preview check:
  • An overhaul of our Your Streaming Brand-service
  • A new minimalist freemium package
  • More, more, more packages!

Look forward to hear from us again soon! Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to be the first to see our new content.

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