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Your Streaming Needs

Setting up a stream these days might seem easy, it requires you to have either a decent desktop, a PlayStation 4 or a Xbox One and an above average internet connection and you are good to go. However adding quality to your stream will require you to make some more effort. Did you get a decent microphone? A webcam? A capture card so you are able to up the quality of your PlayStation 4/Xbox One-stream? These are all things you think of first and so did we when we started exploring the possibilities of streaming. Finding a product, like a webcam, is easy but after gathering the required hardware we still felt something was missing. This something was the branding of our stream.

Currently many streamers take the look-and-feel of their Stream-account for granted and not everybody is a graphics designer with the possibility to create all required visuals for your own stream. The easiest way to stand out at the moment is to have a singular branding over your Social Media-accounts and streaming channel. This way you are giving your audience more ways to recognize you. Your Streaming Needs offers high quality standardized visual packages for use on your accounts and during your stream. The different packages focus on adding a quality branding to your online presence for a great value. Of course we can also help you create your own branding!

Another thing we found out was that information on streaming is available on a wide variety of websites but bringing it all together is quite a task. On the long run we we would like to create a community that answers all questions you have on streaming with Your Streaming Need. The information on streaming can be found in our How to Start Streaming-blog. To start off we will be writing most of the content there but we hope to add posts created by our customers and other streamers as soon as possible.

We feel like our customers, YOU, are the most important for our success. That's why we offer promoting your stream on our website after you purchased a package and if you have something to add to How to Start Streaming you are always welcome to submit it. We are looking forward to work with you.

Luc Philipsen (Art)

Hi! As you probably already figured, my name is Luc Philipsen. I’m a Graphic Designer and Sign Specialist with love for design and games. When we started on this project I was pretty siked to combine these two passions of mine. Next to Your Streaming Needs I also own a business that is specialized in graphic design and signmaking called Let Us Create.

Where my gaming-life started with the good old PC, I soon became more attached to the consoles. In particular Playstation and Sega. Where I'm more an offline and story mode gamer, I sure like watching streams where the pro's show off their skills.

As co-founder and creative director of Your Streaming Needs, it is my goal to create the most awesome streaming packages for your channel. If you desire a fully custom styled package based on your wishes, you will get in contact with me personally and we will make your dream channel come true!

Harm de Wit (Webdevelopment)

Hey there. I'm a full-stack developer, so I do everything between front-end coding and server deployment. I like to take on solve complex problems, try new stuff or improve existing stuff in another better way.

I'm more of a pc gamer than a console gamer, even though I don't own any high-end pc (maybe soon). I do have a Wii U in the back somewhere, but i don't think i'm gonna use it much anymore (anyone interested to buy?). I can't say i'm an active watcher on live streams, but i do like to watch a lot of recaps of streams on YouTube.

The thing i like about Your Streaming Needs is being able to make the best webshop there is for serving the things you need.

Patrick Koonings (Sales and Marketing)

I'm a big fan of everything related to Nintendo and have been gaming virtually all my life. When I was six years old I got a Game Boy for my birthday and ever since I have been hooked on playing games. Even now 21 years later I'm still all about the latest games. With the rise of eSport watching Twitch and checking gameplay video's on YouTube became a time consuming hobby. In recent years I also joined a Dutch Nintendo-website focused on all news related to Nintendo. Here I decided it would be a great idea to add gamestreaming to our services and so I went on to collect all required hardware. The biggest hurdles I had to take were adding quality visuals to my streams and doing it on a regular basis. Besides Your Streaming Needs I'm also working as a Key Account Manager so I couldn't really do it the way I wanted. Streaming can become really time consuming and I just didn't find the right amount of time. Now and then you can still find me streaming for N1ntendo or on my own Twitch-channel. Luc created an awesome custom-made branding for my own Twitch-channel by the way! Be sure to check it out.

With Your Streaming Needs I would like to make the information I have gathered over the years widely available paired with a webshop focused at making high quality visuals for streaming affordable. I feel like this can really set you apart from others!