What is Your Streaming Needs? (corporate vision)

“Gamestreaming is an upcomming market and we want to help make it easier for you to start streaming by offering information and all the required visuals. In the long run we would like to become a community for and by our customers while being able to offer all required needs to start and uphold a high quality gamestream.”

What is your mission statement?

“We help you start streaming games by offering you all the required products and information!”

Why is the layout of your stream important for streaming?

You can get an awesome desktop for 1080p streaming, you look great on your new webcam and the sound of your voice is glorious to listen to from your USB-condenser microphone. While this is a start you need to make sure that all of this needs to come together in a nice look-and-feel. Our layout packages can help you with that. Your streaming-channel and your stream will offer your viewers a recognizable look-and-feel. A genuine branding is important for anyone wanting to rise up in any kind market.

Why do you offer the layouts in packages?

We feel that to give your channel a genuine branding it is required to do so in all aspects. The Your Streaming Needs layout-packages contain everything you need to give your Twitch-channel and stream the same look-and-feel. We also add banners for Twitter and Facebook to all our packages to further increase the branding of your online presence.

However, should you want to mix-and-match feel free to do so. We also offer the panels, screens and overlay's separately.

Where can I find information on setting up my own stream?

You can check out our How to Start Streaming-blog with a lot of information and regular updates on the subject.


What sort of file do I receive the visuals in?

You can download the files in the eXperimental Computing Facility-format(.XCF). This is the native format for use with GIMP.

Why do you use GIMP and not Photoshop?

GIMP is a free and opensource alternative for Photoshop. This means anyone can download and use it whereas Photoshop requires an expensive investment. To make sure all our customers can edit their own purchases we chose for GIMP. You can download GIMP here. If you would like to receive Photoshop-files you can always contact us.

How can I edit the visuals for adding my own name?

We created an easy to follow tutorialvideo for this. You can check it out on our GIMP tutorial-page. It’s really easy!

What is the max length of my name possible?

The max length of a name you can easily input in our image files is twenty characters. This should be okay for about 90-95% of all streamers. With little effort you should be able to fit more characters as well.

How do I setup the layouts in my streaming program?

We created videotutorials on how to setup the Your Streaming Layout-packages in Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit. You can find these video's on our OBS/Xsplit tutorial-page.

Do you make custom packages as well?

Yes, we do create custom packages. We call this Your Streaming Brand. We will create a unique branding for your channel based on your own input. For pricing, options and examples of the Your Streaming Brand-service you can check this page.

Twitch promotion

Why do you promote my Twitch-channel on the "Our Client"-page?

Our long term goal is to become a community for all your streaming needs. As a thank you for ordering a layout-package at Your Streaming Needs we like to return something. We will promote your Twitch-stream to all our customers. A full list of streams we are currently promoting can be found here.

Can you promote my YouTube/Other-channel?

No, we currently only promote Twitch-channels.

How can I get my Twitch-stream to star on the "Our Client"-page?

Your account will be eligible for starring on the "Our Client"-page by purchasing a product from the Your Streaming Package-category and linking your Twitch-account in the Your Streaming Needs-account you used for the purchase. Purchasing a custommade Your Streaming Brand will result in the same. Exceptions can always be made for certain situations, if you feel strongly about promoting Your Streaming Needs we can always arrange something. Be sure to send us an e-mail at patrick@yourstreamingneeds.com.

How long will you show my stream on the "Our Client"-page after a purchase?

Currently indefinitely. We see this as an extra service. We can change this policy without notice if we see fit. A good reason for removing your Twitch-channel from the list would be if you stop using our stream overlay.

Payment and Delivery

Which payment options do you provide?

We support the following payments options:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • iDEAL

How do I receive the files?

After your purchase you will receive an e-mail with a downloadlink for downloading the package. The file you receive will be a ZIP-file which you can unpack with WinRAR, WinZip or the normal windows Zipped Folder-functions.

I lost the files, how can I get them again?

By logging into your account you can activate a new URL to download your past purchases. If you used a quick purchase be sure to save the e-mail you got so you can create an account afterwards. Should this not work out you can send us a support ticket on our support-page.

*The information in this FAQ is subject to change without further notice.